Elephanta Island, and the spirit of E. M. Forster

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  1. WelshGirl says:

    Love this post. It really does sound like that early scene from Passage… I think E.M would find it all very amusing, especially those guards waving and flapping a little uselessly. And I totally agree about Western tourists and the way people behave and dress. What amuses me is, you have to dress modestly and act respectfully to enter the Sistine Chapel, and people oblige without question, and yet when it comes to other holy sites for other religions, people don’t seem to apply the same rules when it should be the same across the board. I love those doe-eyed cows too. They look so gentle and docile and sweet. 🙂 xxx

    • Thank you! That’s a very good point about the Sistine Chapel, and yes I felt Forster would be amused too. And I’m glad you noticed and liked the cows! They were, to be completely honest, my favourite part of Elephanta island!

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