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Great Bradley

This is my first post in a series on English villages. I think many people don’t realise how beautiful Britain is, including a proportion of those that live here, and I want to share through photography some of the beauty I see here.

I don’t live anywhere dramatic, not in those parts of the British isles beside the coast or among the mountains. I am from the small villages of the English countryside. They are villages with a touch of timelessness, seeming to stay much the same for a thousand years. The same high streets with old cottages, churchyards and streams; tiny settlements, settled among fields that have been farmed continually for thousands of years.

So I went for a drive on a summer’s day, and Great Bradley was my first stop.

House with walled cottage garden

This house had an amazing garden!

In a field within the village, these black cattle were standing under the shade of a tree.

I drove on to the next village, to see what I would find there…

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    1. Thank you! It’s summer at the moment and has been around 30 degrees. Yes there are some palm trees on the south coast, where the weather is warmer and milder all year round.

      Britain is the name of the whole island, which is made up of England, Scotland and Wales. So England is a region within Britain. The United Kingdom is all of Britain (so that’s England, Scotland and Wales) AND Northern Ireland. It’s a bit confusing, but I hope this makes sense! If you have any more questions, please ask!

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