Bandra West and Suburban Trains

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  1. Welcome to my city! Our city, rather, since you seem to have fallen in love with it too. Bandra west is a lovely place. If you are a foodie, keep an eye out for the small cosy food treasures. Suzette, for one…the bagel shop…and the not so small Candies. That place looks like a regular rectangular building on the outside and completely different inside. Id recommend eating the chocolava at any level above the room of lamps.
    Also, if you want a taste of Indo-chinese food, go to global village. Its on carter road. Take the right after costa coffee… not the immediate right, but the one after it. You’ll see a mechanic just at the corner. And a small kitchen next to it with a menu board that says ‘idli, samosa, chinese’ or something like that. Ask for the triple schezwan followed with chai. Dont worry about the hygiene, though. It delivers orders to a few expensive eat outs on carter road itself. Dont pay more than 200 for it!

  2. Thank you, and thank you for commenting! I will let you know when I try them. I’m still getting the content of the site set up at the moment but it should all be organised soon!

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