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  1. Marvin Stephen Goddard says:

    Hi, thanks for another blog! Pleased to hear that Richard and Sabrina got there safely. Hope you’re all enjoying it, weather, touts and all!
    Love Dad and Marvin :{)

    Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2013 04:33:50 +0000
    To: marvinstephen@hotmail.co.uk

    • Thank you both, yes we did all enjoy it very much! It was brilliant to see all the places. They got back safely too. Thanks for reading and commenting: posts on Agra, Delhi and Goa coming soon!

  2. priyankavats says:

    the kind of harrasment even we as indians face from touts can make me well imagine what tourists and visitors must be undergoing. i would like to give an advice which works well with touts and beggars alike— dont make eye contact and dont make any conversation you get rid of them almost immediately by following this simple rule.

    • Thanks! Yes I have learned to just say ‘No’ quite clearly and continue walking, not stop and engage in conversation. It can be harder for people who’ve just arrived in India to get used to it quickly though. Thank you for your kind thoughts and comments

  3. priyankavats says:

    lol– another thing that my hubby does is folds his hands in a namstey pose– with a smile– this conveys that youve had enough and may be losing out on your patience.

  4. priyankavats says:

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  5. priyankavats says:

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