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  1. Stacey says:

    This is marvellous to read Jon, right now I’m sitting in someone’s kitchen on my iPad having a break and reading your journal, but for the last fifteen minutes I feel as though I’m elsewhere! I was transported from the uk to India temporarily! X

  2. WelshGirl says:

    As promised, I have reposted this to the appropriate place… 🙂 The caves all look amazing, especially the engravings and paintings on the wall. You described them really vividly. There’s something really ancient and solid about them, like they and the temple too are outside of time and the busy, rushing modern world around them, kind of like the feeling I get visiting churches or holy places here at home… Well, lol, that’s just my impression. Loving being able to see pictures now too! xx

  3. Great photos. Nasik should be on my travel list. Thanks for the title suggestions. I’ve gotten some really good ones so far.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Nancy! There are many ancient and spiritual caves in Maharashtra, and yes Nasik also has the advantage of the vineyards, with plentiful grapes and wine! Good luck with the title, and with launching your book!

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