Taj Mahal

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9 Responses

  1. WelshGirl says:

    So envious 😛 One day…

  2. priyankavats says:

    seeing taj mahal through your eyes – was a totally different experience

  3. priyankavats says:

    as a child- my dads first posting was in agra, when wereturned back from england after my dads phd in new castle this was the first indian monument i visited at the age of 7. after that i visited it again with my family hubby and inlaws. i also read about it in books and comics so with every incident the story of taj mahal used to change as i got to know it better each time. ever since the net came many more sinister secrets unfurled or got unravelled about the mystery of the taj mahal that if you google it or check on you tube youll know what i mean. thats why your first hand experience of the taj mahal from the eyes of a curious tourist in awe of a huge majestic monument was definitely different and a change from my thought process 🙂 continue blogging as you write what you feel and thats whats interesting

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  5. Therie says:

    It certainly deserves its spot in the New7Wonders of the World. It really is captivating even in photos.

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