Hey, I’m Jonathan

I’m a writer and photographer. I love travel… especially to places I’ve never been to before, hot countries, developing countries, and off-the-beaten-path places. I’m drawn to anywhere that’s really different from what I know.

I like to travel slowly and cheaply and enjoy the journey. My focus is on independent budget travel, and getting as close as I can to the cultures I’m visiting.

I’ve travelled across East Africa by public transport, explored Southeast Asia while working online, and done housesitting in Australia. I’ve also been a volunteer teacher in Kenya, studied in Germany, and spent six months living in Mumbai.

I founded Dark Heart Travel to share how I can afford to travel often, and show how to fund your travels through online work. I want to encourage others (you!) that travel is 100% possible without having a high income or using up all your hard-earned savings. I’m passionate about teaching others how to work online while travelling, and sharing the knowledge I’ve gained from funding my travels by working as a freelancer and digital nomad.

My dream is to wander the earth. I want to explore every country in the world, all 197 of them that make up our beautiful, amazing planet.

For me it’s not about ticking countries off a list. Marking countries visited is just a way to make my dream measurable and attainable, rather than a vague “I want to go everywhere”. I can actually set targets to help me reach the goal. I won’t be rushing through it, but going slowly. I’m aiming to visit six new countries each year on average, and if I do this I can see every country in the world by the time I’m sixty.

I’m based in Cambridge in the UK, where I live with my girlfriend and my two cats. I work as a self-employed writer, editor and photographer. I also have a part-time job managing web content and digital communications.

If you feel like getting in touch, I’d love to hear from you. Until then, enjoy your travels!