India is a world in itself. This nation of more than a billion people has an extremely deep history, but is always looking forwards. India has a powerful and dynamic vitality that’s almost tangible in the cities. There is a rich diversity of cultures, religions and languages, with 22 official languages and at least 9 religions. I found India to be a place where anything is possible. My experience was of a highly tolerant and supportive society, where kindness prevails.

Great value is placed in humanity, humility, education and hard work. Animal lives are deeply respected and valued in India – it’s ingrained in the culture that all life has value and is sacred.

India is a romantic and evocative destination: with fiery orange sunsets, balmy nights, magnificent ancient temples, exotic wildlife, stunning landscapes, and the monsoon. Cultural wonders include delicious cuisine, tropical fruits, amazing architecture, long memorable train journeys, iconic festivals and Bollywood films.

I lived in Mumbai for six months, and travelled in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Goa.

Exploring temples in Jaipur’s Old City
Four Doors in Jaipur
Ganesh Chaturthi
Benaulim beach
Benaulim, Goa (2)
Benaulim, Goa (1)
Old Delhi
New Delhi
Paharganj, Delhi