Uganda is full of lush tropical landscapes, the expanse of Lake Victoria which borders three countries, friendly people and a source of the River Nile. There are few places better for seeing wildlife than in Uganda, which is home to the big apes and one of the best places on earth to see both chimps and gorillas in their natural habitat.

I visited Uganda overland from Kenya, via the border at Busia. I made the journey from Nairobi to Jinja in a series of matatus (packed minibus vans, driven recklessly) and crossed the border while balanced with my huge rucksack on the back of a bicycle. You can read about my independent overland adventure in East Africa.

In Jinja, Uganda, I stayed on the shore of Lake Victoria with a balcony overlooking the vast, sea-like lake. Palm trees grow on the lake’s edge, and the palms are full of fruit bats that fly around in the day.

Western Kenya & Uganda: Kericho, Kakamega & Jinja