Singapore is a fascinating country with a global prominence that belies its tiny size. This country has been a melting pot of cultures, trade and religions for centuries. In Singapore, all this variety meshes together to form a deeply diverse and energising city. Singapore is extremely rich in history and traditions, yet is embracing the future as rapidly as any place on Earth.

Here are just a few of the unique features of Singapore:

  1. Singapore has an amazing four official languages in use every day, for example in public transport announcements. They are Malay, Chinese, English and Tamil. These four languages reflect the mixed culture, history and ethnicity of the country.
  2. Singapore is extremely environmentally aware. It’s an urban island that has created an enormous amount of green space and clean air for its residents.
  3. Singapore employs advanced technology in its utilities, for example public toilets that flush by themselves.
Beautiful mosques of Singapore