Spain has a great deal to offer the independent budget traveller. It possesses fascinating cities, centuries of history, colourful culture and extensive coastline and beaches. Most of the country enjoys year-round sunshine, and it’s one of the most affordable destinations in western Europe.

Highlights of southern Spain include medieval old towns with Moorish heritage, natural beauty ripe for exploration in mountains and rivers, and amazing weather. There’s also Spanish cuisine, local markets and festivals to discover.

Granada boasts the outstanding Alhambra, a refined palace built on a hill above the city. Cordoba is home to the iconic red and white mosque-cathedral the Mezquita, a charming old town, and a patio festival where the narrow streets are strewn with flowers. Meanwhile, buzzing Seville and its grand Moorish architecture have played host to Star Wars and Game of Thrones. At Cadiz, you can enjoy long sandy beaches in the town centre, and visit the tomb of Christopher Columbus.

Roman Temple, Cordoba
Plaza de España, Seville
Sand sculpture in Cádiz