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St Paul's

On a trip to London with my girlfriend, we headed for St Paul’s just before sunset.

St Pauls Dome

Red roses

There are roses of many colours growing up against the cathedral railings.  They made for picturesque shots of the cathedral with a cloudless summer sky as background.

Pink roses

Slanted evening light fell across the front of St Paul’s as the sun sank down, gilding the columns with gold.

Evening light on St Pauls

St Paul's front

This is the firefighters’ memorial that stands opposite St Paul’s, between the cathedral and the river.

Firefighter memorial

Pub near St Pauls

This pub near St Paul’s caught my eye with its old-fashioned lantern on the corner, and a bicycle underneath.

St Pauls detail
Detail on the columns of the facade.

St Pauls' front view

St Pauls

St Pauls' lantern

We walked on across the Millennium Bridge, and at the end we looked back across the Thames to this view of St Paul’s cathedral.

St Pauls view across Millennium Bridge

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