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To celebrate the birth of the new Prince of Cambridge, yesterday, 22nd July 2013, here is a post on the city that is his namesake.

Ducklings on River Cam

I had to leave Mumbai to find more work, but once I got home to Cambridgeshire I decided to continue looking at places with the eyes of a traveller, even though they are local and familiar to me.

Magdalene Street

Visiting Cambridge a couple of days after returning home, some fresh impressions of the city came to mind. To my Indian eyes it appeared very quiet, empty, and clean. All the parks and streets seemed deserted. Where were all the people I’m used to seeing everywhere?

Park Terrace, Cambridge
Park Terrace
River Cam, Magdalene Street, in the morning
River Cam, Magdalene Street, at midday
Morning on the board walk, River Cam

The river here passes Magdalene College, and cottages by the riverside, where weeping willows dip their branches down into the green water.

Riverside cottages


2013-07-01 08.56.59

Since my return to Britain, the weather has been very fine. Exceptional really, and like those summers that my brother, my friends and I all remember from our childhood, before climate change made Britain wetter and gloomier than it used to be.  The sky and the river were beautiful.



DSC_0143 edit#1

DSC_0169 edit#1

Sidney Street
Market place


Rose Crescent
Market Hill
Bridge Street
Bridge Street
All Saints Passage



The Round Church
Bridge Street, Cambridge


Jesus Green tennis courts

DSC_0175 edit#1


Approaching lock on the River Cam – view from Jesus Green
Ducks on the River Cam





Jesus Green


Jesus Green
Lower Park Street


Portugal Street

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  1. Hi!!!
    Nice pictures!! …I do the same of you: appreciate places with traveller’s eye, it’s the best thing to do to really look at the best parts of a place!!

    1. Thanks very much! It is the best way – to try to look at everything with fresh eyes and an open mind. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 Hope you continue to enjoy the blog!

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