Driving in Kajiado Province

Video: Travelling through the region of Kenya where I lived, to a Swahili music soundtrack.

This video is of driving from Nairobi towards the Kajiado province, in which Kitengela lies. It begins on the Nairobi to Mombasa highway, then takes a turning off south towards Athi River. This road is very similar to the ones I remember, with huge potholes to be negotiated and people driving wherever they can.

My favourite bit is after 8:00 minutes (and the soundtrack here is one of my favourite songs!), where you can see Mombasa Cement, which I knew, and see cows meandering by the roadside and a matatu trying to navigate a steep incline.

The bit where the driver gets in to the township of Athi River is interesting too, with the goats, and the water tubs being unloaded. Near the end there is a meal of Nyama Choma, a national dish, with Tusker, a Kenyan beer. The blocks of rice cake are ugali.

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