Driving tour of Kitengela

I found a video of driving in Kitengela. The video starts a bit slowly as it begins on the outskirts of town, but gets much more interesting after the first minute. It shows places I used to go to all the time, like Eastmatt – and after 3:00 (and once the truck moves that is blocking the view!) you can see the main matatu stand, where I used to catch the matatu to school. They are the white vans manoeuvring slowly in the mud. After 6:00 you can admire the railway line, which is the Nairobi to Mombasa line that I also travelled on.

2 thoughts on “Driving tour of Kitengela

  1. It’s changed sooo much since you were last there! It’s really up and coming now. proper gutters and paving! A new matatu stage & even a Pizza place!

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