St Thomas Cathedral, Fort

I really like this church in Mumbai.  Bright white, offset with gold features, St Thomas’s Cathedral looks dazzling against the blue sky.

St Thomas Cathedral Fort

It is situated in Fort, my favourite city precinct to wander around.  The cathedral provides a cool, quiet space for calm and reflection, away from the heat, noise and hustle of the streets outside.

Fort cathedral

tomb in Fort, Mumbai
A tomb

The Cathedral is an Anglican church, built in a British style.  The names of the dead inside its walls are mostly British, and it always felt strangely familiar and reminiscent of home to me.  I like wandering into different churches, wherever I find them.

Font in Fort

Interior of church in Fort Mumbai

The interior of the cathedral is very similar to a British church, built on the Church of England protestant model, with whitewash walls, sparse but beautiful designs, wooden pews and altar.  One striking difference is the presence of many ceiling fans, hanging down on long wires, a testament to the very different climate.

church Mumbai

You can sit in the pews and turn on the fans individually, using switches on the nearest columns.  I often paused from exploring the city on foot and went in to enjoy the pervading atmosphere of peace and calm.

Church in Fort, Mumbai
Stained glass windows
Chancel, St Thomas Cathedral
The ornate chancel of St Thomas’ Cathedral

bibles India

These multilingual bibles and prayer books intrigued me.  They are available on tables in the aisle.

India bibles


St thomas cathedral Mumbai


Palm trees beside the church
HSBC in Fort
An HSBC stands opposite. View of Fort’s banking district from the church

St Thomas cathedral Mumbai

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