Western Australia: Cape Le Grand National Park

My article on Western Australia has been published by the travel magazine Go Mad Nomad.

Western Australia covers one third of the landmass of Australia, and if the state was an independent country, it would be the tenth largest in the world. The state of WA is sparsely populated and, apart from the capital city of Perth, often overlooked by travellers in favour of the better known east coast.

Thistle Cove
Thistle Cove, Cape Le Grand National Park

One of the nicest aspects of WA is that when you find an incredible beach or a great open road, you can often have it to yourself.

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3 thoughts on “Western Australia: Cape Le Grand National Park

  1. What a stunning place! Thank you for posting about it 😀

  2. I worked there as a camp host, volunteered, lived in the park….wasn’t so many contracts back in the day but I stayed on as long as I could. Geoff Passmore was my boss and us and a whole crew of great people helped build some of the facilities.
    Great place to fall in love.

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