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Peterhouse Garden in Springtime

The garden at Peterhouse has been beautiful over the past few weeks. The college has a large back garden contained within an old stone wall, and the whole lawn has been completely covered with daffodils.

Daffodils in Peterhouse garden

The garden lies behind the Fitzwilliam Museum, and extends a long way.

Peterhouse garden in springtime

I visited Peterhouse garden a few times within a short period, to make the most of the daffodil season. On three occasions when I visited the college garden, I saw a pair of pheasants. They seemed to love the flowers, and strolled among them in the sunshine.

Pheasants at Peterhouse
Pheasants in Peterhouse garden

There are many varieties of daffodil in the garden, ranging from fully white to yellow and orange, and in various sizes, from those with large trumpets and petals to those with petite flower heads. I’ve never seen so many types of daffodils together at once and it’s interesting to compare the different kinds when they’re next to each other.

Daffodil close-up

There are other flowers coming out too: pink and blue hyacinths, large daisies, bluebells, tulips, and forget-me-knots. Other than a couple of students and workers having their lunch, the garden was deserted. It’s a serene and peaceful space in central Cambridge.

Tree with daffodils

There are a few benches around the garden and it’s lovely to sit for a while, with a view out over the carpet of daffodils.

Peterhouse garden with stone wall

Daffodils opening close-up

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