Old Delhi

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  1. alua says:

    Have you read William Dalrymple’s City of Djinns? It’s great for taking you off the beaten track of things to explore in Delhi.

    • I haven’t, but it sounds very interesting – thank you for the recommendation!

      • alua says:

        I read it when I first visited Delhi five years ago, and it really makes you discover the hidden, forgotten parts of the city. (It did help that my Dad, who lives in Delhi, knew were to look for some of the places described in the book.)

        Btw, if you type in Delhi / Kashmir on my blog, you can find some India pictures I’ve post from past trips (in case you are interested).

        Hope you are enjoying your stay!

  2. Thanks, I am interested yes – will have a look at those! Unfortunately I was only in Delhi for a couple of days this first time, but I hope to visit again and have longer there to explore at some point.
    I have really been enjoying it, thank you! I am moving back to Britain in 2 weeks – but I don’t really want to leave India!

  3. WelshGirl says:

    The Sri Digambar Jain temple just looks stunning, especially on the inside. I love all the bright colours and intricate patterns! 🙂

  4. It really does! unfortunately I didn’t go inside that or the Jama Masjid this time – but I’d certainly like to

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