Emmanuel College

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Founded by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the time of Elizabeth I, Emmanuel College was originally intended as a home for Puritan beliefs. Today Emmanuel is known for its striped formal lawn in Front Court, its Wren chapel (one of only two in Cambridge), its swimming pool, and beautiful large paddock with a pond […]



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I visit the village of Dullingham one hot day in late July.  It is a village of flint walls and chocolate-box cottages.  Horses are neighing from stables, and bells chime in the church. I wander through the sleeping village, in the thick hazy heat of the afternoon.  Roses tumble from flint walls, in their last […]

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Roman Baths, Bath

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Recently I visited the city of Bath, in Somerset, for the first time. In ancient times Bath was the site of a hot spring, a place treated as a shrine by Iron Age Britons.  A temple was built on the site in 60-70AD, during the Roman occupation of Britain.  A complex of public baths gradually […]