Luxembourg Elephants

Last summer there was a wonderful display of colourful elephant statues around the city of Luxembourg.  The statues were commissioned as pieces of artwork to raise awareness of environmental and conservation issues.

Here are photos of many elephants I saw around the city while I was visiting.  It was really fun to spot the elephants in different locations and their designs were highly creative.


four leaf clover

This elephant displaying four-leaf clovers, symbolising luck, was beside a fountain.

stripeyThis elephant with brightly coloured stripes was particularly striking!

station 2

This elephant had neon lights wrapped around it and was located just outside the train station.



These two elephants were in a cobbled courtyard, and had interesting designs on both sides.





Beauty in FreedomThis elephant adorned with butterflies was called ‘Beauty in Freedom’.



This one is painted with jungle animals and plants.



The orange elephant was beside the Cathédrale Notre-Dame.  You can see its entrance and spire behind.

stardust 1

Stardust 2

This elephant was called Stardust, and was one of my favourites.  Its skeletal design sparkled in the bright sunshine.  It was placed at a viewpoint overlooking the forested valley and viaducts.

stardust 3

Tartiphant 2



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