St Catharine’s College

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  1. Jack says:

    Great photos 🙂 and good information. One minor correction though; generally only Second year students live at Chads. First and Third years (i.e the majority of undergraduates) live on the main site, as do some fourth year undergraduates, while others find private accomodation. Postgraduates generally live out, with a number of them based in college accomodation in Russel Street, towards the railway station.

  2. Mark CE says:

    Nice pictures. PS you can’t have a Christian martyr who was born any time BC, that’s impossible!

  3. Nigel Deacon says:

    Excellent set of pictures. A great and very friendly college. Thank you.

  4. Bob Sloan says:

    The mouse on the lectern is the style of Robert Thompson the famous furniture designer, who carved furniture and other items from Yorkshire Oak with the Mouse as his trademark. The business is still going. “Robert Thompson’s Craftsmen Ltd – The Mouseman of Kilburn”

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